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Client: Education 
From: Maggie D. 
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quote1We have been working with First Contact for over a year and we have been delighted with both their speed of reporting, as well as their great customer service. Now they have added a worksheet for the clientele for Act153 and I couldn't be more pleased. It makes my job so much easier. quote2  

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Client: Higher Education Industry
From: Kate F.
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quote1We have used your service exclusively for all our new hire background screenings since late November, 2011 and have had good results.  This includes finding not one but two motor vehicle records that didn’t pass our hiring requirements which helped us avoid employee problems down the road.  It was great to have a fair, consistent process for this kind of issue.  Of all the changes I’ve put in place, I think that choosing First Contact HR for our background screenings is one of the bequote2st.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 16 May 2012 23:14

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Client: Higher Education Industry
From: Danielle M. 
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quote1I wanted to thank [you] and Mr. G. for the presentation [you] did for our HR Group on the new guidelines from the EEOC on conducting criminal background checks. It was very informative and led to great discussions about practices and procedures we should put in place. I have been using [your] company for background checks for the past six months and the transition was smooth and the reports are coming back much faster than with our prior vendor. It has been a pleasure working with you, Mr. G. and [your] staff!

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Client: Transportaion Industry
From: John G. 
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quote1...I decided to reach out to First Contact HR. One of their representatives told me that they typically have an MVR report within 24-48 hours. I was extremely skeptical. We had been with our background company for 7 years and the turnaround time was typically 5-7 days for an MVR report. Since the cost was the same, I figured I would give them a try with nothing to loose... two hours later I got my first background check emailed to me complete with a more in-depth criminal report than I was used to (which included 2 counties) and a full MVR report. I couldn't believe it! I have never had to wait more than 2 business days for my background checks since. Not only have I use First Contact HR exclusively, I also shared my experience with our corporate office. Now they also use First Contact HR exclusively. I highly recommend First Contact HR to any company looking to expedite their hiring process!

Last Updated on Monday, 22 October 2012 22:30

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Client: Construction Industry
From: Jonathan K.
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quote1I would like to thank [you] for the amazing service [your] company provided us last week. We were in a huge bind and needed to add and employee immediately. After interviewing the candidate we thought we wished to hire, we faxed his background check authorization to you immediately, and followed it up with a phone call asking for his check to be expedited as soon as possible (mind [you] all this occurred after 3 P.M. on a Friday). Sometime Friday evening, we received the background check back and were able to hire the candidate on Monday to start on Tuesday. [You] saved us!!!! We would recommend anyone to [your] company; [you] say what [you] do and do what [you] say!quote2

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